Have you ever noticed Flowers make everything better?

We 100% Agree 

We are in the business of spreading JOY. It is our mission to help others share their love for friends and family with modern bouquet designs made with heart. Each of our arrangements are unique and we make it simple for you to choose your gift.

What makes Fleurals Flower Delivery different?

Designed with you in mind.

  • We simplify your options so you can make an easy decision

Focused on Sustainability.

  • We do not use floral foam! Floral foam is petroleum based and does not break down in the environment.
  • We compost! Our stem and excess greenery is picked up by a Houston based composting service weekly. 
  • No frills just blooms. We do not use ribbon or plastic wraps instead we use 100% paper products and bind wire to keep your flowers together.

Longer lasting blooms.

  • Our design of hand tied bouquets allow your blooms to keep drinking the water it needs to last longer. We are selective about the blooms we incorporate into arrangements as we know some blooms last longer than others. We source our blooms from farms in Texas, California, Ecuador, Colombia and Holland where they are cut right before we arrange them.

Support for Local Artists

  •   Art is fundamental in bringing people together, and supporting local artists is important to us at Fleurals Flower Delivery. We include an art card and bio designed by a local artist. Our art cards change monthly so you never get the same one. 

This is Nina. 

Nina To was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut surrounded by a large Vietnamese family and a diverse group of friends. She made a life changing decision and moved away from her family (something that is frowned upon in Asian culture) to Texas in 2013 and has since lived in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. She spent the last 15 years working for a wireless company and in 2020 she decided to launch her floral business.